How schizophrenia begins

I’ve heard lots of stories. Sometimes what is later diagnosed as schizophrenia presents itself as a dramatic physical complaint that is dismissed by the family doctor or in the emergency room. Severe heart palpitations, perhaps, or the feeling that your legs won’t support you as you suddenly collapse on the athletic field.

For Chris, the dramatic scene was on a plane that was about to land. I was seated next to him when I was suddenly jolted out of my reading by a scream. I turned to see his hand shooting to his temple. The plane landed and the pain disappeared as suddenly as it had started.

“Nothing to worry about,” the doctor assured him. A follow-up visit revealed no new information.

Over the next few months Chris kept tapping a certain spot on his temple, saying it felt like an indentation. Chris went back to the doctor and received the same answer. There was nothing to worry about.

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  1. My grandson, Skylar, kept having severe headaches. He went to the ER, some stupid doctor told him he might have a brain tumor. Didn’t run any tests.

    1. Look at Dr. Michael Amen’s blog posts on his nephews tumor. He does PET SCans to determine best health approach and rules out tumors first.

  2. My son went to Macedonia for a week during spring break. He woke up one night with a seer headache, he felt like his brain was exploding. It didn’t last but from then on his life was on very different trajectory.

  3. My son went to Macedonia for a week during spring break. He woke up one night with a headache, he felt like his brain was exploding. It didn’t last but from then on his life was on very different trajectory.

    1. My significant other was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 22. He had described to me having HORRIBLE cluster headaches before the diagnosis: “You have never experienced pain of such magnitude, ILLIANA!”, he said.
      I am finding something else in common when I am reading the posts: most of the persons with latent schizophrenia were flying in an airplane when their headaches began. My gentleman fiend was in a school for pilots learning to fly airplanes in the years preceding his first psychotic episode which was soon followed by the schizophrenia diagnosis…
      I have another friend who has been told he had schizophrenia; he describes that same hurt-causing clicking sound in his head before he gets his “visions” and the same heaviness (“as if my legs are made of lead”) that cause him to often to collapse and which prevents him to get on the bus or to make a step forward making him unable to walk. Some of you describe these symptoms in your posts…

    2. Inflammation of the brain? Highly sensitive young people? Canary in a coal mine perhaps. My son had chronic earaches and would get water in ear living in south FL pools that would cause infections. He had issues flying also could not clear his ears. He also had a severe MRSA infection as an athlete in High School and was treated with strong antibiotics and the. went south with anxiety to substance abuse to psychosis. A beautiful young man ravaged now with this life and a mother who discounted ,metal health illnesss as something you could will yourself out of and fight back against the substance abuse. We went through the US model of treatment for drug abuse first believing the drugs were causing it as he was self medicating to calm the anxiety. He mentioned recently to me that mushrooms cure cluster headaches. I am wondering if he did that due to headaches. He has had head injury in baseball and a bad car accident. To believing his grandmother was a witch and poisoning In his psychosis panic attack. What I find interesting on all the research of gut health college age kids eat the worst and under stress trying to launch as adults. The US institutional diets in schools and such is the worst. Teens away from home eat what they want the food for bad bacteria and gut flora imbalance… .

      Interesting to hear the statistics
      24 percent of people have sensitivity to biotoxin and can’t clear them. mold fungi, bacteria,VOCs , heavy metals, Lyme disease, etc.
      While 25% of MI patients with Schizo are drug resistant.
      Dialysis actually cured some with Schizophrenia symptoms why? Bad toxins and heavy metals or. oC in blood stream removed reduced inflammation of body and brain?.

      Milk removal cured others in institution study mentioned by orthomolecular practitioner in psychiatry.

      Obesity is taking over America. Our foods are highly processed and pesticides are strong, our additives are numerous.
      If our gut is our first brain and signals the rest of our body from hormones to brain chemistry let’s look closely at what we eat, what drugs may have wiped out our gut flora along the way and what hormones and pesticides have poisoned our foods t9 the sugar overload daily in everything g we eat.
      It makes America rich Sugar industry, Pharma, medical, to big food, the capitalist dream FDA allows a piece of food with 40 additatives and dyes and flavoring to preservatives to consume.

      Dr. Gundy world reknown Cardiologist has personally researched for his health and weight issues and have found that one round of antibiotics can wreck your normal healthy gut microbiome for a year or more before it can regain itself without extra attention of pre and pro biotics to help regain flora. He says that Probiotics are a waste of money without prebiotics.

      If you are at the beginning of your journey with a loved one learn how to build a good gut microbiome. This will at least boost their immune system and reduce inflammation. Interview your loved one on their diet, antibiotic use, drug use, headaches, and common signals that may be very apparent. Head trauma to exposures to mold potential in a water damaged dormitory. Not remediated well. You can learn and eleiminate to see but be sure to build a timeline of odd occurrences along with a full history before going down the psychiatric model of medicine. Don’t share details just slowly pick out the information that may open the commen links. Get genetic testing done their is big money in Cancer in Diabetes and heart disease., amd in mental health labels.
      Treating our bodies with good balance and recovery using what God has put on earth may be our first care giving role. Use prevention first and a baby aspirin while you address diet and nutrition.

      I have worked in healthcare for 18 years and then in diagnostic sales for a big company for 13 years to cure is not a Forbes 5oo business model. To treat for a lifetime is.

  4. I just had an “aha” moment. For a long time I wondered how my son was an adult in public but a child at home. It almost seems as if he is afraid to grow up and assume the responsibilities that come with being an adult;
    getting an apartment, a job, a relationship with someone other than mum. He has often stated that his family is messed up, my response is show me a family that isn’t. This is his split personality -child/adult. His “headache” happened when he was about eighteen, which ties in with the age at which growing up is beginning. He is stuck, now how do we get help as a family to help him “grow up”. New challenge, find a family therapist to assist.

    1. Dear Rosa,
      I have a question for you: How you survive all this and how you stay normal?
      I am in exactly at same position like Elizabeth (her words are like my) and it is very painful.


    2. Hi Elizabeth. My story with my son is very similar to yours. I am not sure where we go from here. I have come to realize one very important thing. They must have friends. Friends that understand. Isolation from society is not an option in my opinion. They must somehow have interaction with people.

  5. A few days ago I corresponded with a psychiatrist who is investigating the link between autoimmune issues and schizophrenia. Here is her response to the headache concern:
    “Yes, this is seen in autoimmune conditions – viral symptoms or headache a few days or weeks beforehand.”

    1. Autoimmune disease and genes might be discovered if we all did the genetic testing and got MIA to find a Doctor who would do the research. Triggers could be stress for any autoimmune disease. I had Graves’ disease at 25 then had a son with Schizo Diagnosis at 20. ANother theory is our gut brain and food sensitivity to antibiotic use wiping out our normal gut flora driving anxiety and stress triggering self medication a d mental illness. Finally imbalanced gut brain neurons signaling head brain. Inflammatory response signals. Explains headaches also. On theory is take baby aspirin daily to reduce inflammation proactively with your B D and Aloha Omega 3. ANother looked at minonycine treatement of body stopping acute psychosis. Mold is in grain and in. Our homes from water damage and we have created super strains of mold using antibiotics and hand house disinfectants against mold. The Holistic thoughts of Brain on Fire, Grain Brain, to Dr Shoemaker surviving mold,
      Visual contrast eye testing online for freelance. What if it is exposure causing a toxic tipping point or the overgrowth of bad bacteria and the canary in the coal mine effect. Families with autoimmune disease shoudl look closely at genetics and at enviro,net and diet.

    2. When my autoimmune care out at 25the first thing the doctor asked was was I under extreme stress, had surgery, or trauma. I had a car accident with whiplash, worked nightly in a Trauma 1 center and had a tonsillectomy due to many strep infections reoccurring, I also smoked cigarettes and had just quit prior to the Graves’ disease hyperthyroid diagnosis. My body turned on itself attacking my thyroid causing a goiter and sever hyperthyroid levels.

      What I have learned is biotoxins heavy metals and other invaders affect our organs and hormonal balance. I also wiped out my normal flora fighting strep infections. I was highly active in sports and scuba diving at that time.
      Skip forward my child is coming to me at 19 saying he thinks he has MS and feels like he is having seizures. We go to doctors and find they think he has anxiety and his substance abuse of pot and pills in high school is the cause.
      No concerns about his hospitalization with MRSA so bad it ate through his thigh and he needed surgery to put in drains while they pumped in Vancomycin, Bactrim DS, to kill MRSA while feeding him morphine for pain.
      His personality began to change over the next few years getting worse amen higher anxiety. We thought it was all base done on drugs use. Now he is drug free but has guarded psychosis. Meaning he won’t tell you directly because his hospitalization when he thought his grandmother was a witch poisoning him. Ironically my mother home had a roof leak and we discovered mold in her home after his visit and his first psychotic known break in front of us, autoimmune disorders are triggered. He has been non compliant to antipsychotics yet he is not trusting of us since we did not stop his hospitalizations. Having friend would be great but he has alienated himself from all last friends. They ignore his requests to hang out. He is known as the mentally ill kid who posted far out alien and monkey people comments. For three years I tried t9 work and travel with work Andy keep him progressing with follow up. It being present I could not observe his true behaviors. I took a year off to be close with him and read everything I could find as I was losing trust myself. NAMI presents medication or commitment. I believe NAMI meetings in learning boundaries and legal information but they are prod Big Pharma. Yet the long time members in the family support meetings explain that their MI family member has not recovered it is like they are moving through life’s in a medication straight jacket. I have read stories of recovery from so called patients and victims
      Some explain th6 gave into medication for recovery. We are now at the verge of being to manipulate genes on and off and autoimmune therapies I would love to have a support group that does not just push one agenda but looks at all current investigational studies and root cause and cure versus their version of recovery as holding a job as the only requirement.

  6. How to find help when my son (22 years old) do not like to go anywhere for talk.
    I am against modern medicine and her way of treating medical disorders.
    For 5 years (how he is in such condition) we have tray homeopathy and Bach flower drops. It helps to calm him for couple weeks and his terrible anxiety and anger start again.
    My family is not family anymore. We are broken.
    How to push him to go and ask for psychotherapy or to talk with someone?
    He just accusing us for his condition.

    1. Dear Down,
      I strongly recommend that your son takes a look at music therapy, the kind that Laurna Tallman advocates on her blog.
      I have noticed that my son is much calmer and he is very focused on the art work that goes along with this. Please also see my previous blog post on Laurna Tallman’s work.

      1. The first link you posted is not working. And when I went to the second link and try to go to the link again it is saying that the link has been suspended.

  7. Dear Rosa,

    My son is 18 and his symptoms started about a year and a half ago. He, too, suffered from headaches.

    I am currently trying to find “alternative” doctors and alternative treatments as he refuses to go back to the psychiatrist or his other therapists. Now 18, I can’t force him.

    Music therapy like mentioned above!

    I am terrified he is going to hurt himself and not sure where to turn. I am planning to buy your book but am also wondering if you have advice on where to start to get the help we need.

  8. I cannot make a definitive statement on so little information about these cases, but I can add that the people who have come to me with schizophrenic non-dominance often have become significantly worse following air travel. The noise of jet engines, the changes in air pressure during ascent and descent, the recirculated air in cabins (at one point Aer Lingus warned clients of the dangers of illness to passengers from recirculated air), and the contact with people from differing virus pools from the one acclimatized to all conspire to assault the delicate mechanism of the middle ear. Add to that genetic weakness, a medication or a little experimentation with “recreational” drugs, the alcohol served on the plane or in the airport, the anti-nausea medication some people take and you have a “prescription” for middle ear muscle collapse. I have tracked these factors in family members, all of whom have demonstrable ear problems that were temporarily helped by the Tomatis Method and eventually healed much longer term with focused listening (gently amplified music focused on the right ear). Thanks for the link to my blog, Rossa.

    1. Hi, Liz,
      In one of the chapters of my book, my son consults with an electromagnetic field specialist, who worked with him on the basis of the idea that cellular damage by past traumas can be “cleared.” Interesting stuff. We use technology around the house (and around our necks as pendants) that protects us from excess EMF radiation. Using the technology as jewellry has produced in me amazing wound healing , enough to startle my dermatologist on occasion. As for the schizophrenia, it’s not quite so obvious if it’s useful.

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