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Pay special attention to today’s important post. Laurna Tallman has given me permission to reprint her original blog post (see below) in its entirety.

I discovered Laurna Tallman’s astonishing research during this past summer when I was lining up further Tomatis therapy for Chris and beginning therapy for me. I read her blog post and was impressed, but didn’t return to it until Chris and I had finished forty hours of standard Tomatis therapy spread over two sessions, one in September and the second one in November. The Tomatis director was very encouraging about Chris’s growing listening comprehension. On my part, I felt after only a few hours of the therapy that my vision has somehow expanded to take in things in my environment that I hadn’t seen before. For example, how come I hadn’t noticed how wide these streets are? Along with this came a burst in me of newfound enthusiasm for living. But, I was none-the-wiser about why this therapy might be well suited for schizophrenia, let alone “cure” schizophrenia. Doctor Alfred Tomatis didn’t have much to say about schizophrenia in his published work. You have to really dig deep to find out about alternative healing for schizophrenia buthey, that’s why I write my blog.

I re-read Laurna’s post a few weeks ago, did a bit of internet snooping around on her other postings, and my first reaction was: How can she be so absolutely convinced that just about all mental illness begins in the ear? (She tends to use italics a lot for emphasis.) My second reaction was: If someone is that convinced then I’d better listen. I’m so glad I did. Her research has put forth a coherent explanation of many of Chris’s puzzling symptoms, allowing me a eureka moment. I suddenly had a plausible, elegantly tied-together explanation for what was going on with him. Finally, I had found someone who’s certain about the causes of a condition that has everyone else throwing up their hands and saying “we don’t really know”.

I’m a believer in Laurna Tallman’s work and increasingly confident that Chris will shed all traces of the symptoms of schizophrenia that have plagued him for years. Using her academic background and herself and her family as the subject of her research, through her “focused listening” technique she has gone beyond the work of Tomatis and Bérard to help people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia become more left-brain dominant (i.e., rational, logical, energized, integrated, and organized). It’s all about strengthening a tiny muscle of the middle ear.

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The idea that medical science really did not know any more than I did about what caused schizophrenia was a long, long dawn.

Daniel had been in a provincial psychiatric hospital and then had been moved back to the admitting general hospital. At last, the elderly psychiatrist I had been trying for weeks to contact for information about Daniel’s mental condition telephoned me. “I am Dr. R. You can pick Daniel up today,” she said.

“What is Daniel’s diagnosis?” I asked.

“Acute schizophrenia,” she answered.

“And what is his prognosis?” I ventured.

“Once a schizophrenic, always a schizophrenic,” she replied and hung up the phone.

It occurred to me that no doctor in her right mind would break that kind of news to a parent that way. But I already had reasons for distrusting the kind of “help” Daniel was getting from his psychiatrists.

I made the hour’s drive to the hospital, picked up our oddly subdued son, and asked him as we started home if he would be able to wait in the car for a few minutes while I stopped at the library. In terror as to what sort of things might go wrong if I left him unattended, I ran into the building, found the small section on health, and gathered psychiatric texts, stories by or about schizophrenics, and books about dyslexia into my carryall. My formal education on the state of the art of psychiatric knowledge about schizophrenia had begun.

The texts I read implied that differing forms of mental illness were like different kinds of skin diseases: different, but all happening in the same place — the brain. The more I learned about neurologists’ and psychiatrists’ probing of the brain for the cause of schizophrenia, the more I fell into the trap of thinking the brain became sick in a dozen different ways to produce various mental illnesses. Occasionally, I would encounter a doctor who mentioned similarities between one mental illness or another. In fact, manic depression and schizophrenia have many similar symptoms. Autism used to be called “infantile schizophrenia.” Asperger’s is like schizophrenia in some ways, too. But no one had a theory of how or why these conditions were related.

During several of Daniel’s episodes of schizophrenia I had noticed his ability to focus on conversation wavered and returned. I measured that fluctuation. The intervals were 2 minutes of clarity followed by 2 minutes of confusion to make a 4-minute cycle. The cycle persisted all day, every day. I measured that cycle twice again, years apart, during separate schizophrenic episodes and the results were identical. I knew that some physiological process was driving the changes in his brain. But what?  Between his severe episodes we struggled to help him to defeat his addictions. Sometimes he seemed to improve a little, then, he became acutely schizophrenic time and time again. One victory was titrating his medication to the lowest possible dosage for tolerable behaviour: 0.0625 mg. of risperidone, a minuscule amount.

Daniel reached out for music late in 2005. His healing had begun. He listened daily while colouring mandalas. His behaviour improved a little. Still, the fluctuating levels of cognition persisted. Then, one day, his psychosis ended and the cycling stopped. His brain must have become healthy because his behaviour and communication became completely normal during those few hours and remained normal for the next two years. What had happened?

My research would resume in earnest when his addictions triggered his next episode of schizophrenia. This time, I would learn exactly what Daniel meant when he said, referring to his schizophrenia, “I’m dyslexic again.”

The health of a tiny muscle in the middle ear is essential to normal behaviour. The spectrum of human behaviour, including so-called “mental” illnesses, is generated in the ear.

Contemporary psychiatric theory fails to account for the symptoms of schizophrenia, including disorganized speech. Listening for the Light explains the neurology that connects the right ear with the left hemisphere of the brain to maintain the dominance of that cerebral hemisphere. Losses of dominance, whether brief and intermittent or prolonged and continuous, account for the most common forms of “mental” disturbance. The ear muscle too weak to maintain left-brain dominance can be strengthened with high-frequency sound — for example, the music of violins. Daniel’s story shows how high-frequency music focused on the right ear cured his schizophrenia. The research I did to find out how music could cure his severely aberrant behaviour led me to the overarching theory of behaviour: right-ear-driven left-brain dominance in the integrative activities of the cerebral hemispheres.

You can read about this new paradigm based on the neurological relationship between the ear and the brain in Listening for the LightHemispheric Integration and the Ears, and Ear Function in SSRI Withdrawal at

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  1. I am a mother of a son who was diagnosed several years ago with schizophrenia and no one in the medical services cares about his wellbeing. It’s an ongoing grief that our family lives with and more than that more than I can put into words and he has become more disabled due to all the medications he has been on and very depressed and angry and blames me mainly because he wants to know ‘why’ is this happening..I need help to find a way to help I have read so many books but they mostly say medication .. I have written letters I have talked to different doctors all day medications but my son is getting worse I would like yr book if possible I am in Australia

    1. Hi, Mary,
      I agree with you. Just about everything you read these days is about medications and not about how to navigate recovery. My book can be ordered through Amazon Australia and probably other online sellers that have a presence there. Laurna Tallman’s book, Listening for the Light, is best ordered through her website at Northern Light Books.
      Don’t give up.

  2. My 29 yr old son with schizophrenia had sensory integration issues when he was young and he did the AIT program. I was about to schedule that again thinking it might help with his sensitivity to sounds as it did before. This is such interesting news! We were warned after he finished this program at age 7, not to have him listen to music through headphones so jumping into Laurna Tallman’s approach is a little intimidating on my own. It makes sense that it might help though. Thank you!

  3. Hi Rossa!

    Thank you for sharing Laurna Tallman’s work! I want to implement this healing modality into my self-care routine. Is there a specific link that provides easy-to-read directions? Also, I am wondering what type of ear phones are needed? I own a pair of beats by dre. Are those sufficient? I reviewed Laurna Tallman’s website, but but can’t seem to a direct link to implement this protocol.

    1. Hi, Margaret,
      I would suggest contacting Laurna Tallman directly to let her know you will be doing this, as she’s interested in keeping track of the outcomes of using her method. You can find the information about how to do it at the following Music and Art link (she’s in the process of revising her website)

      The best headphones to use are the ones that cover your ear, never ear buds, and the more expensive, the better. I am using a pair of headphones that cost approx. 125 USD (you can spend more, but these are good because they are heavy enough to stay close to your ear and are more comfortable to wear that a cheaper set would be). I have a cheaper set (approx. 50 euros) that also cover the ear but they are not quite as big, and they don’t do as good a job of tightly covering the ears. In the instructions on the link Igave you the important piece of information that is missing is that you must stuff a tissue or a cloth in the LEFT earphone to muffle the sound. Good luck¨

    1. Robyn is the drug use the chicken or the egg. Were you anxious depressed and self medicated pre psychosis? It can’t hurt to ty it may not be the cure but improve quality of life. Or you relax while drawing and appreciation of artistic music. I would love to hear your outcome also.

  4. Annabel’s schizophrenia’s story


    My daughter (Annabel) suffered schizophrenia for 5 years. I had no idea what was happening and didn’t know where to turn for help. It was hard then because I really didn’t understand the symptoms earlier until she was diagnosed. There was a time she decided to get away from everyone, I was not excluded. I had to sit and cry almost every day because I felt helpless as a single mother (she is all I have got). The anguish I went through taking care of her alone is beyond explanation because there was no support of whatsoever from the dad or family members. I fought for proper medical care and humane treatment; I did everything within my reach to get her cured but all to no avail. Countless different medications was prescribed (Zyprexa, fluphenazine, Risperdal, quetiapine, etc.) that she was taking but all we could get was myriad of side effects such as rigidity, drowsiness, dizziness, tremors and restlessness which tends to worsen the already damaged situation. Frustration was the order of the day. I wrote couple of messages to Ontario Mental Health Foundation for help because watching my daughter go through such was devastating. It was at this foundation someone shared a testimony about VEEMEON herbal medicine, how effective it is and how she went through the most difficult times of her life trying to help her mom fight Schizophrenia. Being that I was already at the verge of giving up because I just couldn’t imagine waking up every morning to fight the same demons that left me so tired the night before. I had to contact the doctor, from our conversation; I was relieved and convinced that the result is going to be positive because I was made to contact people with worse cases. Today, the awful situation of my daughter has gone by. Her happy life is back. She is now a schizophrenia survivor and I am glad because my daily routine activities can now kick off without obstructions. Don’t let Schizophrenia hinder you from living a desired life and also, never allow anyone decide for you especially when they don’t know what you have to go through to get to where you are. I was almost discouraged by the doctor but then, I remembered that: I have to shield my daughter’s destiny with courage, faith and perseverance because she is not in her right state of mind and that the bravery and freedom from fear is found in the ‘doing’. Her life is now a testimony. After my daughter got cured, she said, Mom “I just thought, ‘Well, I’m a weirdo, I’ll never be normal, then I said, my daughter, life itself is a misery and we get stronger in the places we have been broken. Thanks to you Dr. Austin for your excellent counseling, no more psychotic symptoms for the past 3 years and 4 months now. To know more about Dr. Austin and the effectiveness of his Herbs, You can view his blog: schizophreniacures.blogsopt…. I believe you will testify just like me.

    1. Janice, thanks for your input. The blog reference doesn’t work and I’m not picking up any search reference to VEEMEON herbal medicine or Dr. Austin. Can you please check your information and resubmit?

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