Latest review of The Scenic Route

A Review of Rossa Forbes’s The Scenic Route: A Way through Madness
by Laurna Tallman

Rossa Forbes writes about her son’s schizophrenia with the clarity of an investigative reporter. She describes Chris’s symptoms as she observed and learned about them, including a very interesting perspective on his childhood for anyone alert to symptoms of early ear dysfunction. She faces with ruthless honesty the psychiatric and pharmaceutical establishments in her country of origin, Canada, and in Switzerland where the family was living. If she had been treated with equal candour and willingness to learn, she would have had a better grasp of Chris’s weak self-control, fragile grip on reality, fatigue, altered learning abilities, and other personality changes, as well as with the effects of medication on his former capabilities. Instead, like so many parents and caregivers, she had to learn about those characteristics of schizophrenia and of psychoactive drugs through trial and error. Like any parent whose child has been committed to an institutional setting for his or her protection, and the protection of others, she gradually learned that the medical/psychiatric profession strategies and medications do not heal, only control. At the same time, she noticed that vague hopes and promises of improvement came with those strategies and that they were proving false.

After three years of co-operating with this misleading medicalized paradigm, Forbes decided to explore other possibilities. She conceded the need for some medication, but she withdrew her son and the family from group therapy Continue reading “Latest review of The Scenic Route”

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See first half of Chapter 1 below.  I hope you’re hooked!


The Scenic Route

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Chapter 1

Cosmic Concerns

IN SEPTEMBER 2002, on the morning Chris was due to leave home to begin life as an undergraduate at Trinity College, University of Toronto, he still had not packed his bags. Clothes were strewn all over his bedroom; his suitcases were empty. He sat on the edge of his bed, dazed.

     “Get packing,” I yelled.  “The taxi is arriving in half an hour!”

     Chris remained motionless, so I threw all of his clothes and necessities into two suitcases and slammed them shut, wondering how he was going to survive on his own if he couldn’t even pack a suitcase.

     Half an hour later, I watched from the window as Chris and his father loaded the luggage into the taxi and headed for the airport to catch their flight. Tears rolled down my cheeks. Something was terribly wrong. My firstborn had gone from being a dedicated, organized, and intellectually ambitious student to a confused young man who needed constant prodding to complete his work. Continue reading “Free copies of my book”