The assemblage point

I became an avid follower of the anthropologist Carlos Castaneda and the German high court judge Daniel Paul Schreber after stumbling upon the concept of the assemblage point while researching light and color therapy early in the new year, 2006.

The assemblage point is familiar to fans of Carlos Castaneda and the shaman Don Juan Matus. Yet, despite the many hours of instruction that Castaneda received from Don Juan, he remained unclear as to what exactly the assemblage point was and where it was located. From Don Juan he learned that it was a hairy, luminous egg-shaped cocoon located about an arm’s length away from the body and linked to the energy at our disposal. A warrior’s energy, according to Don Juan, is always a consequence of a shift in his assemblage point. “Any movement of the assemblage point means a movement away from excessive concern with the individual self.”

In 1900, Daniel Paul Schreber, who was thought to be suffering from dementia praecox (the old term for schizophrenia) wrote to Dr. Flechsig, his psychiatrist, about what appears to be the assemblage point, although he calls it the soul. “The human soul is contained in the nerves of the body, about their physical nature I, as a layman, cannot say more than that they are extraordinarily delicate structures—comparable to the finest filaments—and that the total mental life of a human rests on their excitability by external impressions. Vibrations are thereby caused in the nerves which produce the sensations of pleasure and pain in a manner which cannot be further explained, they are able to retain the memory of impressions received (the human memory) and have also the power of moving the muscles in the body which they inhabit into any manifest activity by exertion of their will power.”

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  1. “The human soul is contained in the nerves of the body….”

    The soul never enters the body. It may surround it, or envelope it, but, at no time, does it integrate with the physical.

    As a lifetime out-of-body traveler/explorer, I know the precise relationship of the physical body to what we call the spiritual.

    It’s not what you’d expect.

  2. I’m sure what you say is right. This is a quote from Schreber, who was not familiar with the shamanic assemblage point. The point I thought was interesting is that he realizes that the assemblage point can be shifted by external forces.

  3. “The point I thought was interesting is that he realizes that the assemblage point can be shifted by external forces.”

    Years ago, I read Castaneda. Since that time, I’ve used one of his methods for shifting the body’s “assemblage point”: silence, stopping the internal chatter that passes as thinking.

    According to Castaneda, the self-talk keeps us anchored (focused) in this reality. By not talking to the self, we can shift that focus and entertain other realities.

    I use “silence” during meditation, and many times during the day, by just stopping the chatter for a few seconds.

    This method, I found, has other benefits: On many occasions, during meditation, the body is suffused with an incredible energy, and a sense of wellbeing. The energy is sensual, without being sexual.

    I know that sounds contradictory.

    There’s another benefit: It provides for a doorway to the soul, what is commonly referred to as the Higher Self, or the God Self.

    I wish you had asked me to describe the relationship of soul and body, and how the two interact.

    I discovered it purely by chance, and haven’t seen it described in any of the occult or esoteric literature.

    It may be there, however.

    Like many things that occur in this “astral region/realm,” definitive proof is almost impossible to provide.

    Thanks for responding.

  4. Sometimes when people respond to a much earlier post, they don’t stick around, but I always respond to messages because I am delighted that people are interested. It would be great if more people could read your comments, and please do describe how the body and soul interact, because this is something that there is almost or no literature on.

  5. I

    Here’s what I’ve learned about the connection, not by reading about in a book, or having been taught it my another, but from a number of experiments conducted over the years as an out-of-body explorer.

    First, let me define my terms.

    Here’s how I understand the triad of spirit, body, and soul.

    Spirit is the “real” stuff of which we consist, that which occultists call the “astral body.”

    Close to the body, it’s denser than when it’s farther out, farther away–then, it becomes more rarefied.

    Body is the physical stuff that allows us to navigate within, and interact with, this world, the densest of worlds, and existences.

    There are other worlds, and other existences (which are parallel to this one, peopled as this one, with a corresponding you living within it), which appear as physical as this one, but that’s only because the body that is used there to navigate it, is suited to that environ.

    The soul, which should be written with a capital S, is the individuation of Spirit, and is comprised of mind, and the various senses–sight, smell, and touch.

    For reasons that are outside of this discussion, the Soul appears divided. It’s comprised of the you that is projected into this physical existence, and the Over Soul, also known as the Higher Self, the God Self, or the Soul Self.

    I have seen my Over Soul, or Higher Self. It is your indissolvable connection or link to God, and to all other Souls. Although appearing as separate entities, individual Souls are, in fact, One Soul, but individuated portions of the Whole, that which we call God.

  6. II

    Here’s the explanation that I have given on another blog I maintain, regarding the connection of the Soul and body. It’s a rather long explanation, so bear with me.

    Let me began by telling you something shocking. We’re not only not our bodies, but our bodies aren’t even alive!

    Our bodies are being kept alive.

    Let me give you an analogy. I’ve seen hospital patients kept alive by being connected to a variety of medical instruments (a life-support system): instruments to breathe for them, instruments to feed them, and instruments to monitor what the instruments are doing.

    Science knows so little about how the body is kept alive that it posits that it is alive. I tell you from personal knowledge that that is just not so.

    Further, the physical body that you call your own is not even sentient. That, too, is an illusion. If you rub your hands together or touch any other part of your body, I’ll tell you, categorically, that that wasn’t your physical body that you touched. You did touch a body, however, but it wasn’t physical.

    Your body is being kept alive by another body. Some mystics call it the “astral body”. If you were to see it, it would look a lot like the body that you now inhabit. Even “inhabit” is not an accurate description.

    Your astral body surrounds the physical body rather than resides within it. Because of a magnetic attraction, the astral body stays in alignment with the physical one.

    Without this attraction, we’d drift off into our native, non-physical environment, which is where we reside in the always. I suspect that at night in our dream state we become unmoored from the physical body, drift away from it, and embark on many journeys that we have little awareness of when we’re awake again.

    Although it seems that we’re interacting with a physical world, it is, in actuality, a non-physical one, material appearances, notwithstanding. What we have, then, is a great deception, one that our physical senses are in collusion with.

    The umbilical cord that connected you to your mother is replicated at the astral level. We see remnants of it in the coccyx, also known as the tailbone.

    The tailbone represents a function of the astral body showing up in the physical, but occurring at the astral level. A cord, not unlike the umbilical cord (silver in color, about the size of an average man’s wrist), connects the astral body to the physical.

    There’s only one Biblical reference to the cord, and that is in Ecclesiastes:

    Book Ecclesiastes, Chapter 12, Verse 6

    5 Also when they shall be afraid of that which is high, and fears shall be in the way, and the almond tree shall flourish, and the grasshopper shall be a burden, and desire shall fail: because man goeth to his long home, and the mourners go about the streets:
    6 Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern.
    7 Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

    Death only occurs when the cord is loosed, and that is when the vital body is no longer able to sustain the physical body, usually because the physical has suffered irreparable damage, or has been abandoned by the soul.

  7. III

    The “golden bowl” is the soul that encompasses the physical (It’s seen as an aura, and breaks away from the physical once a decision is made to move on to the non-physical realm); the “pitcher” at the fountain represents the flow of intelligence from the bowl to the physical; the “wheel” represents the process that carries the flow of life-giving energy from the source (cistern) to the body.

    All things proceed from the spiritual (our native state). Two of those things are intelligence and life, both of which allow thought (words, spoken and unspoken, as well as mental images) to exist.

    What I’m going to tell you now, neither science nor mystics know. In all my readings not one has revealed what I’m going to tell you here.

    The silver cord extends from the back of the astral body. From the shoulder and neck, large and small cords of varying sizes (some the size of your pinkie, and others the size of the thumb and other digits) fan out like fingers and bundles at the base of the astral back as a cable does when it consists of many strands or cords. These cords hold fast to the astral body with a steel-like grip. They can’t be moved even with the greatest of effort.

    This bundled cord attaches to the physical body at various, but vital areas. It’s been seen attached to the heart, the back of the head, and at the third eye located between the eyes.

    Now, here is what you need to know. Along this cord, the vital or astral body sends the energy and intelligence that keep the physical body alive, keep it functioning properly, regulating it, and setting in motion all the chemical actions and reactions that are necessary to make the body run smoothly, and operate effectively within the physical realm.

    It serves the same function as the medical instruments hospitals use to keep the physical body alive, but it does so in a more sophisticated, and extraordinary manner.

  8. “What kind of clients do you treat and where is your website?”

    I have no clients. I came upon your site purely by chance, as I was Googling the term, “assemblage point.”

    I probably wouldn’t have posted to your blog at all, but wanted to share what I’ve come to know about how the soul and body interact.

    I’m getting along in age. I realized, after living a rather remarkable life, that very few with whom I’m conversant, will ever know what I’ve gleaned from it, having lived most of my life straddled this world, and the next.

    My several blogs have become my experience of record. I have slacked off in recent months, but I haven’t abandoned them altogether.

    Along with the ability to leave my body at will, I’m psychic, able to mentally manipulate certain aspects of this physical world, and have been given certain knowledge that have been hidden from the world.

    I’m prescient, but I don’t always share what I’ve been given, or allowed to see, because future events aren’t inevitable, and are likely to change.

    I call myself LightWorker, because, in this age, and for this age, I’m one of many that has come to this time to hold the darkness at bay, to keep it from overrunning, and overwhelming humanity.

    Google the term, if you wish, to learn more about it, as well as the term, Light Worker.

    I’m also a Sentinel. I suspect there are others. I stand guard when called upon to do so, with a prayer of Love and Truth. An internal voice gives a name, a place, or a situation to pray for, and the call can come anytime, day or night.

    I tell you these things as an introduction to my blogs. I’m well aware of just how far-fetched, and preposterous, all this sounds. There’s no reason for you to believe all I have said here, or all I’ve said there.

    I’m also known as “The First Domino,” a pretty accurate description of those of us who are collectively seeking to bring a new understanding of the All to All.

    Here’s a gateway to my several blogs: Also, I’m signing on to the comment section with my blog location.


    1. Hi,

      I am a fan of Carlos Castaneda’s books, and I introduced a friend of mine who is Reiki follower to the concept of the assemblage point. She got intrigued by the term and sent me the link to this forum . I am glad I opened this topic with her otherwise I wouldn’t have read what LightWorker wrote here.
      I would like to add that the astral travel is described in the books of Lobsang Rampa which I recommend as well to be studied.

      Thank you very much for sharing the info!

      1. Hi, Daniel,
        I hope you can get in touch with Lightworker, as the assemblage point post dates back to 2010. Few people are reading my blog these days. I haven’t posted for a long time.
        Best of luck,

        1. Thanks Rossa. Do you have a suggestion how I might get in touch or an invitation to read his blog?

  9. Thank you for sharing your insights. I would like to feature the comments you have made more prominently in a post, if I have your permission. I will also link to your blog in that post. Now, I have to get busy and read your blog.

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