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  1. Hi. Just wondering if your son was helped by the functional medicine doctor and if so how? Thank you

  2. Hi Rossa, how’s your son doing? What’s this functional medicine doctor, plz enlighten me. Have you found any permanent cure ??? Plz keep me posted.

  3. Dear Sheela and Christine,
    Thanks for be in touch. I would say it is too early to say definitely if my son is benefiting from the help is is receiving from the functional medicine doctor. (Sheela, please see my previous post on PANDAS for more background.) I am noticing subtle changes, very subtle changes, and I wish I had written them down so I could remember what they are. I will notice something that my son had done or said, and I will say to my husband that this has never happened before, and he’ll agree. I have read in some of the PANDAS support groups that I belong to that people who are reporting good outcomes say that the changes are subtle but lasting, and the few people who report profound changes (dare I say “cure”?) seem to attribute the good results to homeopathy. Homeopathy is one part of the array of supplements that my son takes. He is almost finished his 7 month supply of homeopathic vials. Sorry I can’t be more specific at this moment, but I am going on faith that in another year I will see even greater improvements in Chris’s cognitive and motor skills due to the treatment he is receiving. One good development is that he will soon begin a part time job through the Clubhouse that he has been regularly attending for the past four years. Clubhouses are in many major cities and town throughout the US and Canada and are also international. https://clubhouse-intl.org/ I do plan to blog more about this when I feel that I have something more solid to go on rather than just my impressions. Thanks so much for asking!

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