Jeremy Narby

Anthropologist Jeremy Narby is from Montreal, lives in Switzerland, and is the author, amongst other books, of The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge.

“Investigating the connections between shamanism and molecular biology, Narby hypothesizes that shamans may be able to access information at the molecular level through the ingestion of entheogens, specifically ayahuasca. Biophysicist Jacques Dubochet criticized Narby for not testing his hypothesis. Narby and three molecular biologists revisited the Peruvian Amazon to try to test the hypothesis, and their work is featured in the documentary film, Night of the Liana.” (Wikipedia)

From the Bioneers website Bioneers is an innovative nonprofit educational organization that highlights breakthrough solutions for restoring people and planet. Founded in 1990 in Santa Fe, New Mexico by social entrepreneurs Kenny Ausubel and Nina Simons, Bioneers advances the great transformation underway in human civilization by serving as a seed head for game-changing social and scientific vision, knowledge and practices that honor the genius of nature and human ingenuity.

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  1. Thank you for posting that, Rossa! It’s so well-timed for me. I’ve been working to change my own thinking to include the concept that we’re made of energy, and not ‘parts’. It’s harder than I would imagine because I’ve spent my life conceiving of myself as I was taught: like a car made of car parts; very mechanistically. But our ‘self’ is more intelligent than that, and includes the different ‘intelligences’ that the researcher refers to.

    The fact that we’re made of billions of moving molecules and bacteria that respond to our thoughts has implications to all of our ‘states of being’, including what we call schizophrenia! We have so much to learn! High-five to shamans who have resisted our mechanistic way of thinking. We have a lot of learn from some of them.

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