Why it is an honor to pay income tax

In the 1950s, Dr. Abram Hoffer, together with Dr. Humphrey Osmond, successfully treated hundreds of schizophrenic patients at the Saskatchewan Hospital, with supplements aimed at correcting the body’s biochemical imbalances, a treatment approach later termed “orthomolecular medicine.”

Dr. Osmond and his student Dr. John Smythies noticed that schizophrenic hallucinations are like hallucinations suffered by otherwise normal people who have taken a bad mescaline trip. Mescaline belongs to a family of psychedelic compounds known as phenethylamines. It is present in several cactus species of the American Southwest and the Andes mountain range of South America and used by native American tribes in certain religious and mystical practices. Adrenaline, which is naturally produced in the body, is similar in its properties to mescaline.

Drs. Hoffer and Osmond hypothesized that schizophrenics produce an excess amount of an amino acid similar to adrenaline (which they called “adrenochrome”); this amino acid is also produced naturally in the body. Dr. Hoffer determined that adrenochrome belongs to a different family of psychedelic compounds known as “indoles.” (LSD is an indole.) Dr Hoffer prescribed niacin in high doses to reduce adrenochrome levels. It works.

Dr. Hoffer defines recovery from schizophrenia as threefold: The person is able to function well with friends and family, is free of signs and symptoms, and is able to pay income tax.

Dr Hoffer is still in the minority of doctors and institutions who think so optimistically about schizophrenia. The standard medical opinion is that the most one can expect is managed recovery, quality of life, and part time work if any. Dr Hoffer expects more. Why are most so-called experts setting the bar so low? It surely has something to do with the word “cure”. Many people shudder at the use of the word cure” in the context of schizophrenia. A cure simply means that someone with an illness has become healthy again or it can be the solution to a problem. If you rely solely on pharmaceutical solutions, curing schizophrenia is difficult, if not impossible.

Be wary of institutions that talk about ending discrimination of the mentally ill, e.g. the problem with mental illness is “stigma”. No, the problem with mental illness is that people are not getting well in sufficiently large numbers. The mentally ill have been discriminated against because they haven’t been seriously helped to get well. Most institutions promote mental illness as chronic and hopeless. Let’s not set the bar so low. Why, for heaven’s sake, instead of celebrating people whom they seem to regard as chronically disabled, don’t these organizations say that they are dedicated to helping people with serious mental illness get over it and get on with their lives? Why not, indeed?

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  1. 1) Mescaline’s effects are not similar to schizophrenia anywhere near as much as amphetamine or PCP, it is not an effective psychotomimetic

    2) Adrenochrome is not an indole

    3) Adrenochrome has been demonstrated to be nonpsychoactive

  2. Adrenochrome has most definitely been demonstrated to be psychoactive. Abram Hoffer and his colleagues took adrenochrome themselves and discovered it to be psychoactive. Read the book “Healing Schizophrenia” by Abram Hoffer (a revision and update of “How to Live with Schizophrenia”). Abram Hoffer reports that one of the people involved in the experiment taking adrenochrome even had to be hospitalized in a psych ward for an entire month after taking adrenochrome.

    From the book: What Really Causes Schizophrenia by Harold Foster:

    Why has the role of adrenochrome in schizophrenia been so
    neglected by mainstream medicine? Unfortunately, soon after
    the initial studies by Osmond, Smythies, and Hoffer, Rinkel
    published a report claiming that adrenochrome was not an
    hallucinogen.52 This quickly killed off the interest of psychiatrists in the substance. However, as Hoffer53 has pointed out,
    obtained a supply of adrenochrome semicarbazide,
    known commercially as stable adrenochrome. It was
    used by surgeons to decrease bleeding. Rinkel gave
    this inert material to a few subjects and found no hallucinogenic activity. He was unaware this substance
    is not hydrolyzed in the body, does not release adrenochrome and has different properties. Adrenochrome
    critics apparently never read Rinkel’s subsequent report where he acknowledged his error.
    As a consequence of this mistake by Rinkel, the dopamine hypothesis has been dominant in psychiatry for half a century.

    Also, I have the disease in question and I can verify that Niacin has a positive effect on the symptoms/voices. I can verify this because Flush niacin works whereas no-flush niacin (or inositol Hexaniacinate) had little immediate effect as that was the first one I tried before switching to flush niacin

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