The universe, the flea market, the zone

I’m stuck on the revision of the next chapter to my book to post at authonomy. I’m trying to write about why I believe that the experience of schizophrenia is particularly relevant to the Big Bang. There are a lot of dots to connect. The chapter attempts to link sub-atomic molecular vibrations, the Fibonnaci number sequence, the experience of sychronicity; a big task for an art history major. Will I have it all figured out and peer-reviewed by the time the next round of nominations for the Nobel Prize takes place?

While I pondered the meaning of the universe, Chris got up early and went to choir. There’s a guest preacher today from Haiti. I’m sitting this one out. I’m not prepared to sit through a two hour church service; I know what happens when there is a guest in the pulpit. The church service almost doubles in length! I’m becoming more of a Buddhist in outlook these days thanks to Chris. (Also a quantum physicist, hahah.)

Ian and I went, instead, to the flea market. I said Ian can come with me if he doesn’t buy the first thing he sees and announce that we’re done.  Men don’t shop like women. They think the point is to go, find what you want immediately, pay the full price and go home. Mission accomplished.

Chris sang in a benefit concert for Haiti last night. He’s looking good these days; got himself a second hand suit for the concert and fussed over the tie he would wear. He’s trying hard to be more of a personality around people. We’ve talked about “the zone.” I explained to him that, rather than zoning out and standing apart from people, which makes all of us uncomfortable, he’s got to enter their zone. He can stick his hand out or poke his face near someone else’s to introduce himself.

He’s entitled to invade their space and he has to start by noticing people not in his own zone, I tell him. Chris is taking this all very good-naturedly. For his entire life he has shown up without being noticed, like a ghost. You just turn around and there he is. Not a sound is made. Over the past few days, when he arrives home, he has taken to announcing himself in a booming voice (for him) “Hi, it’s Chris.” He is actively working on “the zone.”

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  1. How awesome that he is feeling confident enough to take these steps. That he is receiving the support he needs to take these steps, from his parents is something to be recognized and I am happy for all of you!

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