The scientifc method

I had lunch today with the scalar energy shaman. We discussed the frustrations that both of us are having with the plant power guy, namely, that he has no documented results of his testing, even though he uses credible scientific instruments and well-established muscle testing techniques. The plant power guy claims Chris has a deficient immune system, but he does not produce progressive reports based on evidence that shows whether the plant power that he prescribes to fix the problem is doing the job.

While lack of documented evidence is a common problem with alternative healers,  I feel that conventional psychiatry doesn’t do much better. We are asked to take a leap of faith based on one person’s best guess as to the diagnosis (symptoms), then we are asked to believe that the medication prescribed address the fictitious problem. “Fictitious,” because most antipsychotic medications are dopamine receptor antagonists, and there is growing scientific skepticism about the dopamine theory serving as all-encompassing explanation of certain kinds of mental illness.

Even though we know that it is often our belief system, rather than hard data, driving our choices, there is still a need for more documented evidence and greater disclosure in any path we choose to take.  Alternative healers, too, not just mainstream medicine, should be mindful of the scientific method.

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