NAMI people: Trust your instincts

Here’s an excerpt from an e-mail I just received from NAMI. NAMI drives me crazy because it won’t  recommend anything until “there is a growing body of evidence” or “research is now saying that . . . ” In most circles its hesitancy would be called “lack of confidence.” Had I waited for a “growing body of evidence” Chris would not be where he is today. 

NAMI doesn’t reserve the same reverence for do-it-yourself cures as it does for big Pharma. It “mentions” religion and spirituality almost like an afterthought. Just another remedy to add to many that may “help” but never cure.


For those who live with mental illness, the role of religion or spirituality in recovery may often be ignored.

However, there is a growing body of evidence that recognizing this aspect of a person’s life may be beneficial to recovery.

NAMI is proud to present Nancy Clare Kehoe, Ph.D. who addressed a packed audience last year, as a presenter for this year’s convention.

She will address ways in which religion and spirituality may be a force for good in the recovery process as well as touching on the religious professionals, beliefs and traditions that may be harmful to a person’s recovery.

Dr. Kehoe is a member of the Religious of the Sacred Heart and a psychology instructor at the Cambridge Health Alliance, which is affiliated with Harvard Medical School. This special presentation is scheduled for Friday, July 8.

2 thoughts on “NAMI people: Trust your instincts”

  1. NAMI worships at the altar of psychiatric drug promotion. The organization lives with the delusion that the long-term use of these drugs is the only proven path of treatment.

    Psychiatric drugs are in many ways a false idol to the hardcore NAMI crowd.

    The long-term use of these drugs numb the spirit… leaving a person feeling disconnected from self, others, nature and Spirit.

    I’ve said this before…
    I’ll say it again:

    “Friends don’t let friends join NAMI!”

    Duane Sherry

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