I often get long e-mails from someone or something called which I would normally ignore because the source of his messages refer back to blogs with multicolored font on the perennial black background, ABUNDANT USE OF CAPITAL LETTERS, large bold font and cut and paste as the rantings of CONSPIRACY NUTS. They are pushing their luck with me.  This is the print equivalent to me of the rantings of Herbert W. (dubblya) Armstrong, founder of the World Wide Church of God.  Herbert, through the evangelical radio show that he hosted, was always “just back from speaking with WORLD GOVERNMENTS!”  I assume Herbert was a little more focused in his younger days.

Problem is, sometimes these messages are just too interesting to ignore.

So it is with today’s message from Ben (is it a person?), who gets most of his material from a blog entitled THE 18TH BLOG FOR THE OUTLAW OF PSYCHIATRY NOW ! This blog appears to be written by Evelyn Pringle, who I had banished to my spam box, only because while I liked her investigative journalism re pharmaceutical interests, I ended up getting her opinion pieces on just about anything, No, I don’t want to hear from her about Obama, the war in Afganistan, or gun control, and I certainly don’t want to read colored type on a black background. My interests are quite narrow, really.

Today’s message is about Ablechild

Ablechild (Parents for A Label and Drug-Free Education), is a national non-profit founded in 2001, by these two mothers who each had personal experiences with being coerced by the public school system to label and drug their children for ADHD. Patty and Sheila went from being victims to become national advocates for the fundamental rights of all parents and children in the US.
Here’s the link to the original blog. It’s definitely worth a read. I wrote a post about my own experiences with my youngest son Taylor, when the school psychologist, in cahoots with the middle school principal, took on the role of diagnosing psychiatrists. ADD, ADHD, Schizophrenia – where’s the medical evidence?

5 thoughts on “Ablechild”

  1. I think, the post is a (hopefully authorized) reprint of an article written by Evelyn Pringle. The blog author seems to be “Justice Lover”, who, I suppose, is Ben(jamin) Merhav. I get these emails too, and must admit that I have a problem with the layout, me too, and a few other things. Why they suffer the same fate as the ones you get. Thanks for drawing attention to this one!

  2. While I myself believe that conspiracies do exist, I really can’t stand the heavy-handedness of these websites. Do the authors not realize what a turn-off it is to some people who might otherwise be open to the message?

  3. Yes, I’m with you Rossa.

    I spent a fair amount of time on that site. It was interesting, but way too much (overload). One thing I did not know was that so much work was being done by parents against the enforced drugging of our kids. You’d never know just watching the “mainstream media.”


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