Writing my way through The Scenic Route

In August, I came to the end of my ten year writing marathon to document the healing journey that my son and I embarked upon. The Scenic Route will be published in January. Why did it take so long, you may well ask? For one, I’m not a writer. I became a writer over the course of the journey, partly as a way of holding on to my own sanity by having a Purpose in life. Finding a purpose in life is one of the many side roads that Chris and I ventured off on, me doing the driving and he mainly along for the ride, at least for a good part of these years. I felt sure that if he found a Purpose in life, too, perhaps he would eventually take over the steering wheel.

Chapter 46 opens when Chris is 27, which is 7 years after his first psychotic breakdown, and after multiple therapies have been tried. I had come to see by then that there is no express route to recovery.

From Chapter 46: Finding a Life Path

LONG STRETCHES OF TIME passed, during which Chris did almost nothing during the day except run an occasional errand for his parents. He met twice a week with Doctor Stern (for psychotherapy), once a month with the occupational therapist, and once a week with the church choir director (for voice lessons).

further along in the Chapter

I wondered whether the occupational therapy was accomplishing anything. Chris had been working with this OT, at Doctor Stern’s suggestion, since he left Belle-Idée, but he was nowhere near ready to resume his education or hold a steady job. How long could he continue to pass his days with no productive work, no reason to get up in the morning?


I eventually hit upon a novel approach to help boost his confidence.

The Scenic Route: A Way through Madness


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