Thoughts in passing

I wonder about the U.S. Military. How is it that being under psychiatric treatment means you get to STAY in the military and still perform your functions? Flat feet used to render you unfit to serve in World War II, although Donald Duck did serve in the army (KP duty I’ve heard.)

I wonder how come we are doing the legwork on Chris’s meds reduction rather than allowing the psychiatrists to manage the process?

I wonder why Daniel Carlat thinks he’s been too focused on hunting for textbook symptoms of mental disorder in his patients and then he turns around and diagnoses a patient with ADD and gives her Ritalin like he has learned nothing at all?

I wonder how Phillip Dawdy and Mike and Sam are these days.

1 thought on “Thoughts in passing”

  1. Nature has provided human beings with this amazing capacity to become conscious. And what do we use this capacity for? Paradoxically, to remain as unconscious as possible. What a waste!

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