The quacks come out*

I’m quacking up, weally. Maybe it’s called qwuee-ativity, but here is my idea of psychosis. It walks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, so everybody assumes it’s a duck. Psychosis is not a duck, however. It’s something else. It is a grand illusion that dupes the audience, it is a play known only to the actor. That crazy word-salad? Not so crazy if you care to watch the play. The actor is telling you something.

*A tip of the hat to Jonathan of Chicago.

1 thought on “The quacks come out*”

  1. I think the real quackery is when you believe, your story is the one and only, universally true one, and therefor both (try to) impose it — and everything that comes along with it, such as a certain kind of treatment for instance — on everybody else, while you ignore or dismiss everybody else’s stories. Instead of offering your story as one of many possible and equally true ones.

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