Thank you Taylor and WordPress!

Today I migrated my old blog from Blogger to WordPress. I’d been putting off the decision to migrate for quite a while because old habits die hard. It was just so much easier not to have to deal with what seemed like an overwhelming task. My youngest son Taylor, a web designer, took over the project. He used one of the WordPress templates, and tweaked it to reflect my design preferences, which if you compare my old blog to this new one you will see that the new design is a deconstructed version of the old one. (Yes, I know I could have done all this myself, but my priorities for the past few months were to finish my memoir of healing. I’m almost there.)

Why WordPress? Because I was jealous of everybody else’s WordPress blogs. They looked professional. Blogger’s limitations made my blog look increasingly “homemade,” which is fine in one sense (looking “sincere”) but not going to cut it when it comes time to promote my book: Holistic Recovery from Schizophrenia: A Mother and Son Journey.

By switching to WordPress I have a better look, better indexing and an optimized search engine.

Please bear with me over the next few months as I learn to navigate my way around. I’ll also be restoring some of the pages from my old blog that are missing right now.

You can find me now at So much easier than which depends on people’s ability to spell SCHIZOPHRENIA AND HOLISTIC. You won’t believe the number of people who think “holistic” starts with a “w.”

4 thoughts on “Thank you Taylor and WordPress!”

  1. Rossa, have you published your book yet? I need to know what you did for your son. I cried all the way through your article. I have a 22 year old with SZ and want to find alternatives to help him besides the meds which don’t seem to work. Please help!!!

      1. hi rossa, i have a son dx with schizophrenia and a son dx schizzoaffective. even after 17 years of this nightmare i have never bought into the brain disease theory. my sons are med non compliant and very psychotic most of the time., resulting in homelessness, incarceration and hospitalizatiions. so I would love to know how you helped Chris to recover .thank you for any advice that you can offer.

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