Taxidermy as an alternative therapy

One of my favorite humor blogs  is NAMI Dearest, the laboratory creation of a certifiably mad genius. Somehow I missed this latest post.

Preserve Those Cherished Memories…and Your Loved One, Forever!

Posted on August 30th, 2013

Who better understands your frustration with non-compliant mentally ill family members than we do here at NamiDearest?

As leaders in mental illness advocacy and policy, we devote the weight of our enormous moral authority and hand-wringing sob stories to the advancement of best practices in mental health care. Some of these best practices include fewer patient privacy rights, lower civil commitment standards, forced psychiatric drugging and ECT, as well as the progressive Assisted Outpatient Suicide program, otherwise known as The Permanent Solution.
But how do we handle the grief of losing our loved ones once the treatments have cured their genetically transmitted, psychiatric brain diseases?

Yes, there is always Zoloft. But in addition to chemically numbing the symptoms of Grief Disorder, many NamiDearests are finding Taxidermy Therapy to be an effective adjunct to their personal recovery regimen.

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