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Chris’s voice has progressed  lower again.  I noticed a deepening a couple of weeks ago after he started Sahaja Yoga meditations. The first time I noticed his voice had dropped a bit was after he studied the Alexander Technique, and then again after undergoing Tomatis therapy.

But, what exactly does a deeper voice mean in the context of a diagnosis of schizophrenia?  In my non-scientific thinking, I associate the lowering of the voice with vibrations, chakras and  improved body/mind connection. A lower voice to me implies Chris is becoming more grounded. I have been focusing on the body/mind connection for quite a while and that’s the reason I pushed him into exploring these therapies in the first place. Well, actually, he didn’t need any encouraging for the Alexander Method. He absolutely loved it. 

There are all kinds of minute observations in schizophrenia recovery that a mother worth her salt should be able to spot. What it all means is something else.