Dr. Drew said it

With a straight face, I may add. He said that before a psychiatric diagnosis is rendered, the doctor will systematically rule out potential biological causes.


Like rule them out as in schizophrenia?

He’s got to be joking. Let’s see, no doctor ever suggested running some tests on Chris, “just to see if he had any underlying biological problems.” The only time Chris ever got blood tests on the doctor’s orders was when he was on antipsychotic medication.

The person who suggested that we “run some tests” on Chris was me. He got a brain scan only after I suggested he have one. The doctors didn’t just stop at not recommending biological testing. They also balked at sending him for complementary and alternative treatment. 

Running tests to rule out underlying biological problems for cases of mental illness is a myth that goes down well with the public, especially on prime time television. It’s like believing that a judge is a neutral party who impartially weighs all the evidence and then delivers a verdict. Hah!