Scalar energy – a promising alternative therapy

I’m going to be candid about what I know about this therapy, and that’s very little. Like most of the therapies Chris and I have pursued, not knowing much about the “science” behind them never stops us from trying them and reaping the benefits. I am going to do an in-depth explanation of scalar energy for my book after I learn more about this work. The shaman who introduced me to this therapy is an electronics (quantum mechanics) engineer by training. His company tests for electromagnetic radiation interfering with optimum cellular function in living organisms. Many people may understand the potential of the technology as using the products to clear a building and the people in it of electromagnetic radiation. The scientific origins of this scalar energy go back to Nicolas Tesla Lt. Col. Tom Bearden talks about Tesla and the suppression of free energy on Youtube.

What is important to keep in mind when approaching alternative therapies is that you don’t usually know in advance how a particular therapy will benefit you. It’s not like taking an antibiotic for a known infection, where you can expect that when you finish the course of treatment there will be no more infection. Instead, depending on your specific condition, you may hope for a greater sense of ease, a better focus, a coming around to “self.” These feelings are hard to objectively quantify and measure.

According to the shaman, trauma is registered in the cellular structure. Clearing the effects of trauma is the first thing that needs to be done in the cell before a closer medical look can be taken to see what the cell looks like “normally.” The shaman can tell when in life your traumas occurred by examining a recent photograph showing shoulders and head. Time and matter are compressed information (energy), and we can re-live (go back to) and clear the trauma in the moment in time when the trauma occured by doing some simple exercises involving light and colors.

I sent photos of Ian, Chris and me to the shaman. He put them through a scalar energy device that measures energy as information and returned a mysterious report that said:

Ancestral – none
Pre birth 2.5, 5, 7 months
Life self 8, 16, 26
Life others 16, 24
Predominant Green
Conflict transitions all colours

Prebirth 2, 4 > months
Life self 10, 20 30
Life others 25-30
Transition cycle – orange (crisis)
Conflict transitions old behaviour, conflict course all colours

Ancestral 1800-1850
Pre birth self 3, 5.5 
Pre birth others 3.5, 5
Life line others 23, 40,
Life line self 13, 24-25, 30, 40
Conflict transitions all colours conflict course

The therapy involved placing the palm of my hand on a battery operated light source and a finger of my other hand on a plastic sheet containing pre-birth and lifeline charts with color bars corresponding to the colors of the chakras.

“Close your eyes and you are now at the point of conception,” the shaman instructed me. “Think of what it is like.” I thought about it, not really knowing what to think about. Then he instructed me to do the same for certain points pre-birth. Again, it was a struggle to think of anything relevant to my feeling while in my mother’s womb. But, in scalar energy, taking yourself back in time by thinking of that point in time clears the trauma.  Our cells know. The shaman then retraced the pattern of the chart using his own finger, feeling where there might be lingering resistance. I redid the exercise twice, and my own traumas no longer register resistance on the color charts.

The shaman maintains from having analyzed two photos of Chris and gone through his color charts with him that Chris’s trauma that eventually resulted in his breakdown at the age of 20 occurred between the ages of 8 and 10. He has suggested a possible medical reason that may explain what happened to Chris. In the meantime he is doing more scans while I am planning to ask for Chris’s medical records from when he was hospitalized.

We’ll see where this latest alternative therapy takes us. In the meantime, I already am feeling one of its intended effects and I think I am observing the same in Chris. According to the shaman, Chris and I will experience a long overdue separation effect. This is probably what Carl Jung refers to as “individuation,” “the process in which the individual Self develops out of an undifferentiated unconscious. It is a developmental, psychical process, the process whereby the innate elements of personality, the different experiences of a person’s life and the different aspects and components of the immature psyche become integrated over time into a well-functioning whole.”

For several days I’ve had an unrelenting sinking feeling when I think of Chris, as if a stone were dropping through the fiber of my being, dragging me down, down, down. It’s as if I’ve been hit by something, and I wonder if it is aftershock of scalar energy. I woke up last night feeling intensely lonely for the old Chris.  He has taken the giant psychic step forward of distancing himself from me. For the past few days he has stayed in his room a lot and avoids engaging in small talk. We argued when I got home from work yesterday. Chris had deliberately missed an eye test for a driver’s permit and I accused him of only going through the motions of wanting to learn to drive a car in the first place. The argument was petty, but symptomatic of something tumultuous happening to Chris. He is more and more willing to express vexation with me and frustration with himself.

I feel like the umbilical cord has finally been severed.

The brain’s self healing process

I’ve been feeling exceptionally good since my brief seven minute exposure on Sunday to Lucia, the Lucid Light Stimulator. Slept well — two nights ago I slept for ten hours straight and woke up feeling relaxed and buoyant. I walk to work and marvel at the colors of the leaves, the grass, the passing cars. Focusing on the colors distracts me from cramming my mind with the usual mundane nagging thoughts.

The brochure describes the hynogogic light experience this way:

Extreme circumstances – i.e. during a near-death experience, competitive sport, or deep meditation – are able to set physical and mental regeneration processes in motion. This can lead to a realignment of the entire organism.

In this context, multi-disciplinary research in the 1980s was able to prove a significant increase of quality of life and spontaneous healings.

The cause for these changes taking place was described as a confrontation with a very bright light.

The Viennese neurologist and founder of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, Viktor E. Frankl, (1905- 1997), described the mental dimension of a human being as a dimension in which disease is not experienced.

The hypnagogic light experience taps into this source of well-being in the light.

I felt how the warmth of the light enveloped my body and filled my inner self with every breath I took. It seemed like boundaries between my body and soul dissolved.” (Client describing his experience with the hynogogic light treatment)

Lucia No. 03 presents the access to a high performance neurostimulator, which facilitates the EEG wave pattern that usually only shows up after years of practicing meditation,. After only one treatment one will experience an intense and incredible effect.

The hypnogogic light experience is effective without having to engage in prolonged practice:

  • a quick and sustainable deep relaxation
  • an out-of.body experience
  • a spiritual or inter-dimensional experience
  • experience of time and space having no importance
  • allowing self to slow down
  • increase of mental abilities
  • increase of awareness

The hypnogogic light experience is effective in clinical therapy for

  • fear and depression
  • traumatic and mental symptoms
  • pain
  • addictions (intervention and therapy)
  • life crisis
  • burn-out syndrome
  • sleep disorders
  • sexual disorders including lack of libido

Light: The Perennial Healer

This interview with Drs. Engelbert Winkler and Dirk Proeckl is published at The Light Connection.

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Light: The Perennial Healer

An interview with Drs. Engelbert Winkler, Ph.D., and Dirk Proeckl, M.D., Ph.D. by Beverly Brodsky

Drs. Engelbert Winkler, Ph.D., clinical psychologist , and Dirk Proeckl, Ph.D., M.D., neurologist and psychologist describe their Lucid Light Stimulator, which they will demonstrate at the First Spiritualist Church on Oct. 15, from 5 to 8pm. See their website: (click on the British flag for English).

BB: I have been studying your website and work with the Lucid Light Stimulator (LLS), with great interest. What does the LLS do?

EW: Our intention is to help people go into the hypnogogic state and beyond. It’s the state in between being awake and dreaming, a kind of altered state of consciousness. We get people to go beyond that state, into a trancelike state, similar to a shamanic state of consciousness.

What motivated you most to come up with this device?

EW: When I was a child, I had a Near-Death Experience. While studying psychology, my main interest was the neurology when an NDE appears. As a psychotherapist, I found a way to use the healing potential of that light state. First, I used ordinary hypnosis to suggest imagining having an NDE. To improve clients’ visualizations, I used external, steady light. People went much deeper in the trance, and reported experiences and changes similar to what occurs after an NDE.

DP: That was the beginning. We studied people’s EEGs; then used both steady and flickering lights, producing a much more intense experience. I came from the neurology, where a flickering light is to map the brain. Later, combining Englebert’s research into mystical states with mine, we had more effective outcomes. Now, with the LLS, we can induce a state like the shamanic experiences, or even the ancient Greek Mystery cults, which initially took place in caves, inducing altered states of consciousness.

What a serendipitous partnership.

DP: We also we contacted some specialists from the United States, including Rick Strassman, about the neurochemistry of DMT.

I read in Dr. Strassman’s book that people taking DMT had both positive and frightening experiences. Do your clients have more consistently positive experiences with your device?

EW: We have a better way of reacting to the negative experiences, because we can just switch it off. The other thing is that we can use it in our therapy.
Tell me about your research.

EW: Consciousness is variable for everybody. It’s our own consciousness, and we can nudge it. That’s not only therapeutic, but also transformational. If you are open to the experience, the healing effect is maximized. When people sit in front of the lamp many do get better, but not everyone.

How can you tell which ones are helped?

W: Only the client can know. It can be used for ordinary therapeutic purposes. Many symptomatic problems, say anxiety or depression, may be a healthy reaction to an unhealthy situation. Working with the lamp changes people’s attitude, and the attitude changes everything.

I understand. How long have you been working with light?

EW: The lamp we are using we’ve had for four to five years, but before we had different prototypes, including the original steady light in hypnosis, going back to 1990.

This is such a wonderful idea. Have you written a book?
EW: Yes, the Western Book of Death, which is about using NDEs with hypnosis for people who feel suicidal. This is not yet available in English.

Have you worked with terminally ill people? What happens?
EW: Yes. Today in hospice a young man went to Brazil to see the healer John of God, and when he returned he described seeing all those colors. His experiences with the lamp were identical to what occurred with the healer.
That’s fascinating. In Stanislov Grof’s book The Human Encounter with Death, he did a study where he gave LSD to terminal patients who lost their fear of death. Would the LLS allow people to achieve their own sort-of psychedelic and near-death-like experience, without drugs, and be healed by it?

EW: Yes. The lamp can be used in that way, but if the patient doesn’t want a psychedelic experience; they just want deep relaxation, it may be used for that. Or if someone just wants the aesthetics, they see beautiful colors and forms. When we worked with Tibetan monks, they reached a state ideal for meditation. It gives you a trip into yourself, and whatever you want to be there, you’ll experience.

What are your plans to bring this to the US?

EW: As you know we are coming in October. Our main interest is just to show the light to as many people as possible. People change in a valuable way. We don’t usually make plans, because since we started working with the Light Device, everything happens in its own way. I don’t think that we have found the lamp; rather, the lamp has found us.

It sounds like a way to shift our consciousness to perfect health—in mind, body, and spirit.
EW: Yes, the idea that there is something like health or disease is unhealthy. If everybody could let themselves be the way they are, everything would be perfect. I know many people who are very ill, yet they are very healthy at the same time.

In my NDE I felt that everything is perfect just as it is. Yet it’s hard to remember that without shutting down the ego.

EW: The ego is the wrong point of reference. From that perspective, everything is wrong.

You say on your website that mind and con-sciousness defy our ability to put a definition on them. Can you explain that?

EW: I don’t think consciousness can be defined. Consciousness is a word, and nothing more. We are making mental images of things that we think are real. If we just say what we experience, everything would be fine.

That is why, as Kenneth Ring says, the light experience is very important. If things go on as they have, we will become sicker. Only a change in attitude can help. The light experience in all times changes attitudes quite dramatically. Our device is not the only way to achieve this change. For some, they can go out in nature and reach the same state. It’s easy to do, but is not generally known.

On Saturday, October 15, from 5-8 pm, Engelbert Winkler Ph.D., and Dirk Proeckl, M.D., Ph.D., will demonstrate their Lucid Light Stimulator. See more information on their website. First Spiritualist Church is located at 3777 42nd Street, San Diego, CA. 92105. 619-284-4646 Love Donation $15.