The doctor of sound is now accepting appointments for schizophrenia

Chris and I arrived at the mountain hut in late afternoon. In the middle of the living room was a single bed. Surrounding the bed at strategic intervals were three audio speakers. Behind the bed was the computer equipment. Electromagnetic sensors were located under the bed’s mattress.

I lay down on the bed, closed my eyes and the technician encouraged me to visualize the colors of the chakras corresponding to each sound. The primary importance and level of existence of chakras is thought to be in the psyche, but they have a secondary physical importance, too. The first low rumbling sound was the red sound, that of the base chakra. After a few minutes of this pulsing sound, the frequency became higher and the sound changed, according to the color orange. And so on through the colors yellow, green, blue and purple, the highest of the frequencies offered. I paid special attention to anything I noticed about my body as it moved through the sounds. I felt perhaps more air in the area of my feet and a slight stabbing in the left eyeball, but I may have been stretching it to feel something.

After about twenty minutes, we paused, and the sound was changed to that of a spiralling intensity that swirled around and through me, an homage to our expanding spiral shaped three dimensional interplanetary magnetic field. As with the universe, so with ourselves. Fibonnaci spiral patterns are a mathematical sequence also called the Golden Ratio or phi (the irrational number 1.618), which are observed in all living organisms, from seashells to flowers to our brain waves and our double helix DNA.

I felt wonderfully relaxed, as if meditation was suddenly made easy for me. For twenty minutes I let the sound do the work.

Then it was over. As simple as that. The technician, I think I will now call him a shaman, discussed possible changes that I might notice over the next four days: Tiredness, aches and pains in places where I may have had an operation or an injury, were the notable ones. I didn’t think to ask him about psychic pain.

We looked at my “before” and “after” energy envelope. The shaman said I was in excellent shape, the unspoken words being “for my age.” The “before” was the base reading and the “after” was the reading from the spiralling sound. I had demonstrably improved in the orange life energy field.

Chris took over after me and I sat on the balcony and watched the sun dip below the mountains. On the drive home, we compared notes. It is too early to say what the effects will be. We have another appointment in a few weeks. In the meantime, Chris and I are keeping notes.

In the beginning was the Word

When the universe was formed, the Word was a sound, probably a low rumbling sound or a higher frequency sound according to the lecture on sound technology that I recently attended. I write as a mother, not as a physicist or an audiotechnician, so here is where my ability to explain the sound therapy that Chris and I undertook on Sunday bogs down a bit. I’ll try my best.

The exciting new development in mental health for me is the recognition that our cells are energetic and communicate with each other over time and space. It has added a new word to my vocabulary – psychoacoustics – the psychological and physiological effects of sound. There is one caveat to my enthusiasm: Mental health hasn’t caught up to where some of us are heading. It has yet to link sound technology to the potential to heal schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is all about quantum communication. This extraordinary communicative ability is dismissed in most circles as mere hallucinations.

All human beings, plants and animals have a unique harmonic resonance or “life force,” an electro-vibrational energy field that differentiates us from inanimate organic matter. We pick up electromagnetic energy fields and energy disturbances from the life forces around us. Whether we want it to be or not to be, our physical reality is affected by the interacting energy fields of everything living around us. The family, too, has a unique energy field.

Bioharmonic resonance technology measures and verifies universal physical forces that are resistive, capacitive, inductive and reactive constants (like an electric circuit) occurring in temporal space fluctuations in these fields .

What this means to Chris and me is that we each had our electromagnetic field measured on a lovely Sunday afternoon. I have always wondered about Chris’s low energy levels going back to his gestation period. Here was a chance to measure and graph his unique field to see where the energy forces were weak and to correct it over time. As for me, I was there to get my batteries recharged and to further my holistic healing research.

More about this experience tomorrow . . .