Tips for the modern parent living with a schizophrenic child

From Ann Weinberg’s blog.
Tips for the Modern Parent Living with a Schizophrenic Child
(Ann, a South Africa writer and poet, is the author of The Danny Diaries, which I enthusiastically reviewed on Amazon.)

Ann writes:
My book was a Godsend for me. Many people have asked me why I wrote it. Simply, I was asked to. People have all sorts of theories about why I wrote it. “To get it out of your soul” they say. But I had long since moved on. I thought it was a good story and I also thought it might help people. I love making a book out of good material. This is the “artist” in me.

It took a lot to create the story and recount living day to day through the storm. How did I do it? Good question. It was important to keep my basic bonds strong – like the one I had with my husband. There was no “light at the end of the day”. We didn’t know whether he would ever entirely recover. We simply had to cope. You do get used to it.

Because of MY life story, I have developed some tips for parents when dealing with your child.

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