Psychosis and psychic powers

Schizophrenia and the Supernatural

By Esmé Weijun Wang January 30, 2019

To say this prayer—burn this candle—perform this ritual—create this salt or honey jar—is to have something to do when it seems that nothing can be done.”

One winter morning I shuffled a deck of oracle cards with my eyes closed, and I realized that despite the blackness, I could still see what was happening in front of me. Here were the details of my hands, with the movements of each finger, every twitch of every narrow knuckle, made plain; I could see the cards, which were not clear enough to distinguish completely, but showed their blurry, colorful faces in broad strokes. I decided to further test this ability by holding colored pens, randomly chosen from a pouch, before my shut eyes. The pen test indicated that I could also “see” the colors behind my lids—imperfectly, yes, but well enough to grasp whether I was looking at a light color or a dark one, and I called out the hot-pink one immediately.

Journaling and drawing divinatory cards had both become routine parts of my life earlier that year, when I was fighting psychosis and struggling to make the world cohere; I’d found that tarot and oracle cards offered a decent framework for structuring a fractured existence. read more here

3 thoughts on “Psychosis and psychic powers”

  1. Thank you Rossa, for finding this and directing your readers to it. I love the Paris Review – such a wonderful resource – but would never have seen this article if you hadn’t highlighted it. I’m in the process of re-writing my novel, making it less cynical/judgemental about psychic powers (I still wanted to write ‘Supposed’ psychic powers but stopped myself there!). This piece has really helped. I hope you and your family are all well. All the best, Louise

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