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In the cranial-sacral therapy I have been doing for a few weeks, comfort is key, the therapy is intimate, you are placing your body into the therapist’s hands so it’s best to make the most of your time and listen to your feelings. At our last session the therapist stressed the importance of “mind-body dialogue,” keeping our thoughts firmly grounded in our real-world self. Strong feelings and judgments have their effect on the physical body and during the sessions I am encouraged to notice how certain thoughts are received, if they manifest themselves as tension.

Sound therapy continues to be a source of wonder and amazement. I’d never pay as much attention to a teacher at school or my GP, probably because my ST has all these cool gadgets, a lakefront view and a portrait from the adult version of “The Little Mermaid.” At each session after he plays his kaleidoscopic mix tape we share our impressions of what happened. I say this allows me to see clearly into my past, and he says each sound has with it a certain feeling associated with it. The channel of time is opened up.

Dr. Stern, my psychiatrist has all but said “reduce Serdolect at your own rate.” She genuinely supports my coming off this particular medication and is leaving it up to me. I’m down to about six milligrams from eight, and I could be as low as four by now if I paid more attention to the schedule for reduction prescribed online. Despite the lazy days of summer I’m more than willing to go for a jog in the morning or swim in the evening, partly as an effort to keep my weight down which has shot up again even over the past month.

I wish I’d paid more attention to my brother’s advice to find a job or a course to pass the summer because I don’t have anything to look forward to from one week to the next. Like many other hopefuls to the job market I’m throwing in my lot with a local technical school for computer training in the fall. It will be tough; I’ll have to work with younger people in a non-native language for me, learning something I’m not absolutely crazy about, but it will hopefully lead to better things. Thankfully there’s someone working with me who better grasps the language and the school’s policies. One of my goals is to find someone who wants to learn English to do things together and share language skills.

Chris Forbes

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  1. Chris, thanks for the update. My son Andrew is off to Italy with his father for a 3 week “intense therapy session”.By this I mean lots of driving just the two of them in a car. They might kill each other, but my hope is they connect in a meaningful way.

  2. Hi Chris,
    Nice to meet you. I enjoy your mom’s blog and didn’t know I would have the honor of you stopping by on occasionally.
    My daughter has done cranial-sacral work. Ask about the “pulse” (when the therapist holds your ankles). How strong is it? My daughter’s therapist was concerned that hers wasn’t strong enough. Years later, she began working with a healer who said the reason why was that the mastoid bone at the base of her neck was “infected” and stopping the energy. He healed it and thought that clearing this problem would help my daughter think better. She believes it has helped.
    Good luck on reducing your meds. And, enjoy your easy, lazy summer.

  3. Dear Kris,

    Thanks for your kind reply. When the therapist is practicing on me, I begin to feel like an infant, truly alive in my large frame but also helpless, and I think it is this space of uncertainty and self-awareness that is reflected by the pulse. I will ask about the pulse next time go for therapy. Tuesday night after a nightmare I could hearthe base of my skull aching at the lack of sleep, which became more pronounced during therapy. Certainly cranial-sacral lets you eavesdrop on the internal message system of the body, provided that there is no static on the line. Anyway, best wishes to you, and thanks again for sharing your thoughts on you’re daughter’s progress in cranial-sacral therapy.

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