Postcards from the edge

I have been travelling by car for the past four days with my husband, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law through a popular tourist destination. Where doesn’t matter because what is usually more memorable is the interaction between all the vibrating molecules in the car, while tramping through tourist sites and over dinner.

We had a lovely time with few hiccups. My husband has now locked himself in the bedroom and is practicing Emotional Freedom Technique, hoping he can make it through till tomorrow. I may have to resort to this technique after they leave to relieve the double-duty pressure of loyal wife and in-law. (I’m on everybody’s side!)

A few years ago after one of my mother-in-law’s visits, it became clear to me how emotional vibrations and can affect our health. We often try to keep things “in” while we entertain our guests, without even being aware that we are doing so. A couple of days after she left, I suddenly felt extremely ill from what felt like high blood pressure. I became quite concerned that I would need to go to the hospital and therefore started to do some Emotional Freedom Technique. I tried out a couple of possible explanations for the way I was feeling, without much success. Then, I thought, maybe, just maybe, the way I am feeling is linked to the pressure of the visit and being simultaneously the loyal wife and loyal daughter-in-law. I started to tap out the problem and within five minutes I felt completely well.

The family visits now go quite well because we have found a great stress reliever in Emotional Freedom Technique.

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