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Corinna West, founder of Combat Arts for Recovery has provided an update on where her program is currently in relation to the competition. Her program is one of 12 semi-finalists out of 55 entries to the Team USA grants competition. If chosen as the winner, her program stands to earn $12,000 to promote combat sports for mental health issues.

Hi friends,
At this point 82 people have communicated with me that they were voting or trying to vote for Combat Arts for Recovery. Thanks so much for your vote. I really appreciate your efforts. If all 82 of you voted once each day we would have it made, and now the Olympic Committee has fixed the worst of the bugs in the program.From now on, for the next six days, if each of you could vote once per day, we would win in no time. We need to catch up to the figure skaters. This program is designed to help bring disadvantaged people into the Olympic movement, but I’m not sure how disadvanted someone can be if they can afford to hire a private coach and rent out a whole hockey rink each time they practice. We are also the only fighting sport in the whole finals. We are also the only program helping people with mental health labels. We need your help.

Go to
Click Team USA Grants on the left, then accept non-secure browsing, accept the Facebook application, then vote for Combat Arts for Recovery. If you have trouble, try clicking the video and then click logout right by the comments. Please email me with any problems.My blog about this program is here for more information: If you want to help further, invite 25 (or all) of your friends using our Facebook invite. Or send out a bulk email and post my blog to your Facebook status.

Thanks so much for voting for me. This is a wonderful program which can bring two communities together.

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