My own definition of Low Expressed Emotion

“Low Expressed Emotion is believing that your relative is not mentally ill.”

Belief that your relative is not mentally ill will guide your reaction to any situation involving your relative. Siding with your relative shortens the psychic distance between you, bolsters his or her confidence, and encourages healing.

2 thoughts on “My own definition of Low Expressed Emotion”

  1. Love also bringing a raised voice in
    knowing an relative not mentally ill
    but is progressing through a crucial
    stage of a natural brain development.

    In the norm the brains development is
    at a speed of change its little cause
    of concern. HOWEVER there an minority
    where the brains adaption large scale.

    Look at it as a home where having get
    some work done, a wall or two needing replastered / no great problem just a
    bit of inconvience. (that be a normal
    brain development. Where its the norm
    but work on a larger scale, then your
    builder starts talks of many walls to
    knock down, a need of new foundations.

    It happens thankfully to a minimum of
    people / such ever less unto children.

    Thus its effect being of a brainstorm
    much activity in keeping one confused.

    The good news with such changes going
    on one will end up most like with the
    most sound /modern home in the street.

    The bad news for a period one’s gonna
    have to put up with a lot of noise as
    inconvience/ thus the few painkillers
    for a headache understood /acceptable.

    However its best pills the last resort
    their side effect in bringing an wagon
    load of problems. An fact that many of
    the pills, in themselves proved being
    worthless / but used as way of doctor
    getting rid of problem adults, or the
    cases where it the child whom treated
    by doctor, where pills used as way of
    doctor in being rid of problem parents.

    Public thoughts / being that an doctor
    giving something for mental illness is
    part of the an cure/where reality that
    no medication be a far better approach
    where brain with its self healing power
    would do much better if left taking its
    own course / there also be the benefits
    one not ending up with an wagon load of
    side effects /from many pills & potions.

    The wisest approach / that of a minimum
    of pills & potions, that which taken is
    gradually reduced. It one able function
    without there simply no point in taking.

    Where an taking of pills / but an habit
    a poor substitute for love. One holding
    a very false friend/such a cigarette to
    to the smoker / Through advertizing one
    lead to believe the cigarette in giving
    comfort/where reality, tobacco its added
    highly addictive chemicals, but continue
    kill in millions, its cost to healthcare
    budgets in the USA / UNITED KINGDOM /is
    $billions yearly draining health budgets.

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