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These days my blog is taking a back seat to my efforts to tidy up the memoir I am writing. I belong to a local writers group who has arranged for members to show a sample of their work to a live literary agent in mid-February. The reason I am writing a book about Chris’s and my experience with holistic healing is because a book is often the best way to get your message across to a lot of people. Even regular readers of this blog may forget the back story or are not able to trace the reason why I believe certain things about recovery. A book follows a logical path and is a handy reference guide.

I’ve placed my nearly completed book on the authonomy website so that anybody can read it and comment on it. Authonomy books are not so easy to read on the screen and, unfortunately, book chapters cannot be downloaded and printed. But it’s there if you would like to get Chris’s and my “back story.”  If you do go to the site, it would be helpful for me if you registered an account and then placed my manuscript on your bookshelf. Your doing so will create a wider audience for my message. Registering your account doesn’t mean you will be flooded with e-mails from authonomy; in fact I rarely receive them.

I have another book suggestion for your shelf. A Moment in Time effortlessly weaves together today’s high level of interest in “new age” dynamics, quantum physics, alternative healing, and the backlash against “Big Pharma.” Set in the late 1990s, it describes the global paradigm shift that is currently under way and follows one woman’s struggle to adapt to change. Her experiences place her at the forefront of new understanding about quantum realities. If you liked The Celestine Prophecy or Dan Brown novels, you’ll find this one promises to deliver much more. 

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