Friday fun

It may be time for you to “do the needful” by sizing up your marriage prospects using an Indian dowry calculator! This calculator is Dedicated to all the match making aunties of India  Like 78,788 people like this.

Chris’s comment:

I think “skin colour” is a huge bump on the scale. I did it for me (little do they know) skin colour: “wheatish” caste Kshatriya (warrior) unemployed, no alma mater height 6′ father’s profession “teacher” dowry: 25 Lakh (is this the price of a Big Mac?”)

Chris’s results:

Getting there, slowly but surely. Right now, your dowry rate is  25 Lakh. If you want your dream dowry, this might not be the most optimum time for you to get married. There are times in life when we are standing on crossroad and need to take some tough decisions. You could go either way from here. Be the master of your destiny and steer it towards your dream dowry. Best of luck!

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