Charlie Sheen’s amazing publicity stunt

Subtitle: Celebrities’ amazing turn-arounds

Occasionally it’s nice to be superficial  on this blog. Getting out daily posts that try to shed a little light on the upside of schizophrenia —  a “serious mental illness” according to psychiatrists and pharma–is tough slogging.

A lot more rooted in reality
What is his secret?

Charlie Sheen says that last year’s headline-making antics are indeed a thing of the past.

I’m not crazy anymore. That was an episode,” Sheen says, laughing, as he spoke with reporters at Sunday night’s Fox Network Television Critics Association party in Pasadena, Calif. “I think I’m a different person than I was yesterday. Everything is a lot more mellow and focused and much more rooted in reality.”

Sheen, 46, couldn’t be more Zen about his new FX show, “Anger Management,” in which he will star and produce. He reports that casting is underway and that they will shoot 10 episodes in six weeks.

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