B vitamins and niacin – anecdotal cure #2

I know when I write a blog post about nutrients, I’ll have to deal with comments from advertisers feigning interest in my blog and even signing up. Why do they do this? It’s so fake.

Be that as it may, I’m still trying to figure out why B vitamins performed a minor miracle for me vis a vis anxiety that had me teetering on a state of mononucleosis, yet didn’t cure Chris of his anxiety vis a vis “schizophrenia.” I took all kinds of B vitamins in pill and yeast form and, within a week, my bloodwork was back to normal. A miracle akin to what eating grapefruit does for high blood pressure.

I’m not so convinced that B vitamins in large doses can achieve consistent results for the anxiety associated with psychosis. Perhaps what is standing in the way of better results is the support of the medical profession for B vitamin therapy for cases of psychosis.







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  1. There is considerable data on B vitamins and related precursors of B’s for depression. However, it is not clear if one has to take the supplements interminably or whether, like you, the need for them passes once some kind of repair of neurological or muscle function takes place. A precursor for B3, nicotinamide riboside, apparently protects against and relieves sound damage to the ear: https://news.weill.cornell.edu/news/2014/12/vitamin-supplement-successfully-prevents-noise-induced-hearing-loss-samie-jaffrey. We know from Guy Berard’s work that depression usually is an audio deficit of the left ear, which points to sound deprivation in the right cerebral hemisphere. His success rate for treating even severe depression with his Audio Integration Training was spectacular. We may be approaching a more holistic understanding of what happens when a failure occurs in the audio-phono neurological loop.

    1. Omg! My husband has been deaf in his left ear since he was quite young. He wears a hearing aid.
      I believe he is depressed. He drinks beer every night after work, to the point of slurring his words, etc…
      I dont think i can get him to take B vitamins, he doesn’t take his high blood pressure medicine & i cant get him to eat a grapefruit everyday either.
      Very interesting, thanks, kim

  2. I still need help with my schizophrenic son (26 yrs old & homeless, in my backyard)
    He is like Dr Jeckle & Mr Hyde×12.
    I dont know if he’s being honest or just playing Mr Drama when he says, ” I didn’t do that….” , ” I didn’t say that…..”, or can’t answer a simple question.

    1. I have no doubt that your son can’t remember doing or saying things, or answer a simple question. This is familiar to me based on what I experienced with my son. He would tune in and out, like a radio signal fading and then coming back on.

  3. He does not feel he has a problem.
    But how can he be ok with hearing voices, not bathing, sleeping on the ground, scrounging around for metal objects & other assorted garbage that he brings to my house. He has claimed, ” they’re trying to kill me out there!”
    He shouts vulgar obscenities at me after ive given him food & drink.
    He says, ” i haven’t eaten in 3 days”, but i fed him the day before.
    It is quite scary sometimes. I’d get a restraining order, but he would probably burn my house down.

    1. What was he like as a young child? Do you love him less now than you did when he was young, because it’s important for us to recapture the magic of our relationship that was natural as breathing the air when they were young.It’s harder to see the good side in adult children who are ading stress to our lives. You have my sympathies, but I bet you can turn the situaton around.

  4. Hi Rossa,
    Thank you for your book. My son is also musical, gentle, and 34.
    He doesn’t like meds but is trying them – time will tell, it seems …
    If his right ear is damaged, would he use Sound Therapy in the left ear?
    Also, are there programs in Florida to help with a job or class? We live in New England but have a relative on the Gulf Coast and wonder if it may be a good place to retire to in a few years…

    1. Hi, Michelle
      You should be in touch with Laurna Tallman re the music question. I’ll send you a personal e-mail tomorrow re your other question. In the meantime I just published a new blog post on life in Florida.

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