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I feel like I am back in junior high. Anything Gianna Kali posts, I want to copy. If she wore leopard skin jackets and smoked cigarettes from a cigarette holder, I’d want to copy that. By posting really interesting articles, her Beyond Meds blog gives me lots of fuel for my own daily post.

I have been meaning to write Gianna to ask her how Twitter works, because I know she Twitters a lot, and I am in the Twitter slow lane. I know she isn’t responding to e-mail so I am delighted to read her latest postings about Twitter to get a sense of what I am supposed to do. Now if she would only answer the question: How do I condense my blog link into the least amount of characters, and is it bad form to post my own blog link at all?

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  1. Ha! You gave me quite a chuckle!!

    Go check your @ messages. Do that by going to your twitter homepage (just the page where you enter your tweets — which you do pretty much daily to post your posts and click on the @RossaForbes in the right hand column.

    You will see a message from me…you can answer it by hitting “reply” off to the bottom right of the actual tweet…and from there I will help you in 140 character installments…

    thanks for giving me a bright little awakening this morning…

    conversations on twitter sometimes happen in real time and sometimes there are several hours between someone making a comment to another…

    the other thing tweeting requires to really get into the fast lane is a bit of time investment…something I have a whole lot of here mostly in bed.

    twitter has been an incredible life saver.

    and food for thought…I DO experience twitter as spiritual:

    it’s a really amazing mirror of the world.


    oh…and the long links…not bad form…just a newbie giveaway… 🙂

    shorten your links here:

  2. Lots of people out there who post their own blog links. It’s not bad form. If memory serves (I’m in the slow lane myself, can’t even remember when I last made a twit) Twitter automatically shortens URLs. Otherwise, you can use for instance. Just type (or copy – paste) your URL in the field and click “shorten”. Voilà.

  3. You absolutely have to learn to post your blog link. It alerts everyone that you have something new. I check your blog often, but you want to draw in more readers; posting it on twitter will draw them in.
    My blog connection does it automatically when I publish. Something my young whippersnapper helper did for me when I started the blog in April. I think I am in the slow lane too as I do not shorten mine and I just read that it is a dead giveaway that I am a newbie.

  4. I just Google ‘tinyurl’ and copy and paste the title there, which converts your post into a small URL.

    Twitter is the best place for all news, around the clock.

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