A homeopathic explanation for why people with “schizophrenia” don’t get cancer

Before you read what I am about to say, see the previous blog post on why Dr. Hoffer said people with schizophrenia don’t get cancer. (They have excellent genes.)

I’ve long thought that this group of people don’t get cancer because their mind, not their body, is where they are most vulnerable and that’s where their symptoms will manifest. This is my anecdotal conclusion from observing my own son, although it’s a real ego booster to think he comes from excellent gene stock. His childhood tolerance to physical pain was indeed something to behold. He’s always been a thinker, spending too much time in his head with almost zero focus on his body. That’s why I’ve placed so much effort in the past ten years on finding therapies that stress integrating the body and the mind. I’ve long maintained that when Chris gets physically sick, then I know he’s on the road to balanced health. I’ve cheered every sniffle he very occasionally gets.

I’m reading a fascinating book by Amy Lansky, entitled Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy. In it she writes about each person’s energetic state as having a center of gravity, a homeopathic concept introduced by George Vithoulkas, MD. The center of gravity is a general zone of susceptibility to certain kinds of diseases.

“In his text, The Science of Homeopathy, Vithoulkas describes the center of gravity as a combination of states or vibratory levels in the emotional, mental, and physical realms. Within each of these realms is a range of diseases, from simple and largely benign, to serious and life-threatening. Vithoulkas maintains that individuals resonate only with those diseases that have an affinity to their center of gravity. For example, a psychotic person’s center of gravity is weighted very strongly in the mental and emotional realm, but not as strongly in the physical realm. This explains why psychotic patients do not get as many minor physical illnesses as other people. While they are very susceptible to stimuli that affect their minds, they are not as susceptible to factors that affect their bodies. In contract, a cancer patient’s center of gravity is very severe in the physical realm, but may be quite benign in the mental realm.”

Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy, by Amy Lansky, PhD.

4 thoughts on “A homeopathic explanation for why people with “schizophrenia” don’t get cancer”

  1. Hi Rossa. I just found a bunch of your posts at the same time and feel so lucky! I have your blog listed on my blog sidebar but hadn’t clicked on it for a couple of months because the post that shows on my sidebar is an old one, probably because of your move to WordPress. Anyway, I really enjoyed these new (to me) posts. Two of them made me quite tearful – the ones about Mark Londis and Father Frank. (Hope I have the names right?) The points you make about self-worth are spot on. I can’t wait for your book to come out! Louise x

    1. Thanks, Louise. Great to hear from you. The WordPress move is not without its problems, and I hope to make this site a bit more informative, but am happy overall with the new look.

  2. Ah, and I forgot what I wanted to say about this particular post! It chimes with was telling my kids the other day – that I broke down mentally when I was a young person because physically I was very strong. I do think we all have different susceptibilities – it is such a shame that it can be so hard and take so long to recover from an emotional breakdown, but at least recovery is always possible!

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