3 New Year’s resolutions

Most of these resolutions have to do with the memoir I have been writing and rewriting going on seven years now.  My writing has gotten better, or at least more precise, thanks to the freelance editor who is helping me whip the chapters into shape. Right now I’m working on the chapter on Family Constellation Therapy. I’m a bit like a plumber who has completely torn apart the kitchen sink in order to determine where the leak is. All the sentence nuts and bolts are strewn on the floor and I’ve got to figure out how to put them back in the right order to avoid taking the chapter apart again.

New Year’s Resolutions

1. Finish editing my book.

2. Finish editing my book.

3. Pepper my posts liberally with LOL.

Reason: I’ve been resisting introducing LOL into my posts ’cause I generally hate using popular and geographically based slang. It’s fine for other people who seem to know how to use LOL appropriately. I also fear a sense of humor doesn’t come across as well as I would like it to in my writing. Hence LOL. It will also make me look more carefree, almost as carefree as I feel these days.

Oh, yes, and Happy New Year everyone!

4 thoughts on “3 New Year’s resolutions”

  1. Rossa,

    Good luck with the book!

    A quick update – our son is halfway through his sophomore year at the university, and his grades last semester were great!

    “Recovery” is truly not the right word for him… He’s just an ordinary kid, out doing some extraordinary things, including playing the piano this year (to add to his trumpet, cello, and guitar)… Very proud of him!

    Happy New Year to you and your readers!


  2. Happy new year to you too, Rossa. And once again, thank you for continuing your blog.

    There was something on NPR (Natl Public Radio) last year about a Dad getting used to texting with his son. The son would use LOL a lot in his texts to Dad, and Dad’s heart was warmed beyond description. He thought LOL meant “lots of love.” So he adapted it as his way of signing off, puzzling his son, who eventually clued him in.

    I just love that story.

    Me, my NY’s resolution is short-term (for the time being). I am resolving to give up sweets/sugar for at least a month to see if that can clear up my persistent hand eczema.

    In pursuit of learning more about eczema on the Internet, I have come across Dr Dale Peterson (there’s a get-rich-quick-through-nutrition type of name if there ever was one, right?!) who just basically espouses common sense in dealing with things like auto immune disease and anxiety. Listening to a podcast just now, he cited Dr William Philpott who used to work with people who had received a diagnosis of schizophrenia by putting them on water fasts. According to Peterson he had a good rate of success.

    Well, just a little tidbit there.


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